Historically Low Interest Rates are helping the Housing Industry

Histoically low rates continue.

30 Year Mortgages are sitting at 3.53, nearly as low as November 2012’s rate of 3.31%

the lowest since 1971.

15 Year rates are 2.77


Now is the time top move to Florida

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Jean and Jency Kelly’s Personal and Real Estate Blog

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Jean & Jency Kelly’s Personal and Real Estate Blog

Personal Stuff for open consideration
Real Estate information from experts

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A change in the pulpit is not a bad thing

I had thought I would just blog this on facebook and the church blog (and I will blog FB), but I wanted it to first be a little more personal. God has been speaking to my heart about your leaving. This morning as I was writing what He said, it was confirmed by both testimonies and your sermon. I am certain that the message is from the Holy Spirit (Paul beat me to it,:) )

So here it is for you, it is intended for our body.

We need to pray for our brother Jim as he leaves us. He has planted seed here at IRC and Bill will come and water those seed. The harvest belongs to God our Savior. It is not about you, me, Jim or Bill, but about the fields white for the harvest. God has been and still is working in our fields to bring His Kindom among us.

The same God who is working his plan here he is simultaneously working His plan in Sarasota and Aloma UMC’s. Now he has moved church leaders around to accomplish HIS purpose in all three parts of His body. Are we ready to help Him, were He wants us, to fulfill his purpose? We have to Celebrate what God is doing among us, and be ready to gladly take part in His great plan.

As Jim said in his sermon today, “No Go, No Lo” I’m not sure I understand what that means, but I think the intent is that if we don’t go (where He sends us), we will be missing a blessing. So,, goodbye and God Speed Jim.
We may not LIKE it, but we will Love the Lord with all our Hearts, With all our Minds, and with All our Strength which comes from Him.

Thanks for your service

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